Monday, March 9, 2009



My friend called me at about 11am, and woke me up. I appreciated that, actually, that's not the part that's tripping me out.

I'm in FL at home for spring break, and I'm with my younger siblings. My just-recently-turned-4-yr-old sister comes in the room, while I'm talking on the phone and starts jibber-jabbering away. I ask her if she'd tell me a joke. She loves to tell random, often nonsensical jokes. She says...

"Ok. What if... Tinkerbell got stuck in someone's butt?" she then laughed rather maniacally. She drew an accompanying picture, too. It's as if she's a mini Demetri Martin, only slightly less skilled.

Witness Tinkerbell, in all her fairy glory, stuck between the cheeks of an unobservant nudist.

I do think my sister poses an interesting question. If fairies existed, I imagine there would be a lot of accidents of this kind. Maybe they did once exist, and have long-since been squished to death by the bottoms of prehistoric man ;)


  1. haha! this is great! there is a book out there, i cant remember what it was called, but it was the art of "fairy pressing" and it was a collection of squished fairies in a book and explanations of the type of fairies (along the premise that the author sat in the woods very still and waited for a fairy to sit on her book pages then "SLAM!" she would close the book on the fairy to make a fairy pressing. if i remember what it is i will post again. (how do i follow you? im wanting to but the follow button is mia)

  2. At the top of the page you should see a "follow" tab next to "share." It's beside the blogger search bar.