Friday, September 10, 2010

Fat Guys Last Longer

Who are the kinkiest people out there?

Probably the Japanese.

Okay, who are the most passionate lovers?

Probably the French.

Ladies, who can go the longest?

... Americans?

That's right, bitches.

Researchers have recently discovered that men with higher body mass take (on average) 7 minutes longer to ejaculate during sex than men with lower body mass. In laymen terms, that means fat guys last longer. It has to do with elevated levels of the sex hormone estrogen in overweight men. The hormone delays their progression to orgasm.

What is America best at?

Lots of shit. But most importantly, we're the fattest nation. That means our men can go all night, and all day, and then some! Well, more realistically, that extra 7 minutes will ensure that ladies have time to realize what's going on before it's over.

In the real world, I don't know how applicable these study results are. I mean, girls don't typically go after fat guys. Those guys then become sex deprived, and I think that makes them more likely to prematurely ejaculate when they finally do get a hold of some unfortunate female.

Anecdotal evidence anyone?


  1. Damn, maybe I should pack on an extra hundred pounds.

  2. Oh boy! Our fat is not just clogging our arteries. Hooray!!!

  3. That pic is something from a nightmare.

  4. Fat man have smaller dicks, too. So, take your pick.

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  7. lol interesting, but it's sort of a win-lose